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INTUITIVE - download a document in a few easy steps

STRUCTURED - various types of accounts with different levels of confidentiality (Admin, Promoter, Deanery, Student). Generates different reports on the criteria of results of checking, users, etc.

FAST - the results of the analysis for borrowing are available within few minutes  

FLEXIBLE - the system adapts to the needs of the client and integrates with LMS


We cooperate with more than 500 universities, which are united into a network of databases


The system recognizes texts in English, German, Spanish, Russian, Czech, Slowak, Polish, Romanian, Arabic, Georgian, Bulgarian, Azerbaijani, Ukrainian, Portuguese, Croatian, Turkish, Italian, French, Dutch, Sweden, Lithuanian, Latvian, Vietnamese  etc.

On-line and off-line sources verification  

- Global Internet Network;
- Databases collected within the framework of the Inter-University Database Exchange Program;
- Paperity.org aggregator databases, Wolters Kluwer, Pubmed, arXiv.org, as well as scientific journals such as Oxford, Springer etc. Our resourcers are valuable both for publishing houses and HEIs

How does it work? 

Our System is Saas based, supports popular LMSs, for instance, MOODLE, integrated to LDAP catalogue, has API and can be used at the same time by it's interface and LMS systems

Database creation 

We support the creation of an internal comparative database of the University, and also help to import resources from university repositories
All resources and personal data imported or saved at system's DataBase are managed according to GDPR

Multipurpose support

-Individual supervisor
-Technical support
-Training for students and staff
-Consulting on the plagiarism verification procedures and evaluation of students' and scientific papers

About us    

 We are among the global leaders providing with anti-plagiarism detection system to the HEIs and authors. Implemented standards of academic integrity are based on  longlasting cooperation with leading universities of EU


Strikeplagiarism.com is precise and efficient, yet easy to use. We constantly improve both our software and procedures to deliver the best service possible


Low prices

We deliver great quality service at good prices for both individual users and corporate partners. To get familiar with the System you can check 500 characters free of charge. Contact us for a quote!



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Plagiat-Sistem Antiplagiat prin Internet

Bd. Unirii nr. 20, bl. 5C, sc. 1, etaj 5,
ap 35, Sector 4
Bukarest, Romania

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tel: +40 021 642 72 58



Plagiat (Lcc Plagiat)

2 Vodoginna street, office 321
Lvov , Ukraine

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tel: +38 073 018 91 33
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Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan regional office

Plagiat.pl branch  

55/5 Zhandosova St.
A10M6D8 Almaty
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tel: +7 727 377 20 62
      +7 727 377 20 14
       +7 701 481 02 80


Azerbaijan and Georgian regional office

Plagiat.pl branch  

“Black Pearl Plaza”
A. Rajabli street 186, 2nd floor
Baku , Azerbaijan

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Plagiat.pl branch  

Alameda Colon 34
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