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Years of Service

The Company was founded in 2002 in Warsaw, Poland

> 1500

Universities, colleges, schools and publishing houses

We are currently providing service to over 1500 universities, colleges, schools and publishing houses around the world in many local languages either via system panel or the LMS.

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Our service is successfully used in more than 35 countries.


Offices worldwide and representatives worldwide

Our company is represented at different markets. 7 local offices and 11 resellers in EU, USA, Canada, Australia, LATAM, Africa, Middle East, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand and other countries offer our services.

History and achievements

Plagiat.pl is the owner of the StrikePlagiarism.com system and was founded in 2002. Due to wide Internet access, the copy-paste method, as well as various companies writing dissertations in the form of a "ghost-writer" or contract cheating (dissertation mills) have become a global phenomenon and a serious threat to the quality of modern education and science.

Since 2002, our team has been actively engaged in changing attitudes towards academic plagiarism and developing technological, legal and procedural solutions. Plagiat.pl operates in 20 countries (Poland, Germany, Spain, LATAM, Ukraine, Romania, the Philippines, Georgia, Bulgaria etc.) and covers more than 1000 universities, 200 colleges, 200 publishing houses etc.

Our local offices and representatives operate in 16 countries such as Poland, Spain, Romania, USA, Costa Rica, Mexico, Argentina, Ecuador, Panama, Philippines, Kenya, Nigeria, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and cover more than 60 countries.

In Poland, more than 200 universities and more than 100 publishers use the StrikePlagiarism.com system. In Romania in 2010 Plagiat.pl signed a commercial agreement with the Ministry of Education and Science to use our system for PhD thesis.

In 2018, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine signed a Memorandum of Cooperation, which opens up new opportunities and facilitates the access of local universities to our services.
In 2020 Plagiat.pl signed a memorandum with NAQA (National Agency for Higher Education Quality Assurance of Ukraine).

In 2022, our company won the open international tender of the Ministry of Education and Science of Bulgaria. We received a national license to provide StrikePlagiarism.com for all HEIs and schools of Bulgaria. The tender includes the implementation of sustainable procedures for checking and evaluating student and scientific papers for plagiarism. Currently more than 100 HEIs in Bulgaria started to use StrikePlagiarism.com. Meantime, trainings were conduced to more than 10K educators.

In 2023, our company won an international tender organized by the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research to provide an anti-plagiarism system for all Estonian universities. An agreement with the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research will allow checking not only for plagiarism, but also for the AI content.

The StrikePlagiarism.com system has been recognized by ENAI (European Network for Academic Integrity) as one of the best anti-plagiarism systems in the world, being the most convenient for use by educational institutions, publishers and other organizations.

In 2023-24, our company won a tender from the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research to provide an anti-plagiarism system for all educational institutions in the country. And in 2024, we signed a contract with SURF, a Dutch organization - a consortium of all universities in the Netherlands, which allows us access to university databases and plagiarism checks among academic papers.

Plagiat.pl has significantly expanded its activities in Europe, LATAM, North Africa and Asia. The StrikePlagiarism.com team has managed to create a product that, in turn, can be easily adapted to suit any academic or business environment.

The company has signed agreements with the leading European databases and aggregators that allows StrikePlagiarism.com clients to access the international scientific journals. At the correct moment StrikePlagiarism.com database includes few hundred thousand scientific papers, like PhD thesis and publications and millions of student works. The StrikePlagiarism.com system has an advanced recognition algorithm for over 200 languages!

Our team implements the most modern technologies. In 2023, we managed to implement the AI content checking technology not only on the panel in the anti-plagiarism system, but introduced the AI content checking service in the API and various LMS systems such as Moodle, OJS, Canvas, Brightspace, Blackboard, Schoology, etc. Our company also implemented a service for checking plagiarism and AI content of quizzes and discussions in Canvas, which made our integration even more convenient for colleges and schools.
Our similarity report is very popular among teachers because, compared to other anti-plagiarism systems, it is intuitive, easy to use, and has a set of tools for providing feedback to the students.

Our main goal is to develop, implement and enhance sustainable procedures in every country where we operate!




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