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February 2024 starts cooperation with Itslearning

Our company is expanding its integration capabilities. We are pleased to announce that Itslearning has completed its integration with From now on, Itslearning clients can take advantage of the ability to check works for plagiarism within the LMS. itslearning is a part of Sanoma Group. Itslearning offers a broad range of functionality and is used by thousands of clients in the EU, North America and other regions of the world. 

March 2024

Simplifying the commenting process in an Interactive Similarity Report of

To simplify the process of commenting and feedback to students, we have implemented a comment tag mechanism. This mechanism allows the instructor to add ready-made comment tags to the similarity report. Comment tags significantly save time. This functionality is available both on the panel and through the LMS. Comment tags functionality has been automatically enabled for all clients. Teachers using the similarity report can find it in the “comment tags” section. Comment tags are semi-transparent, so when you add them to a similarity report, you can see the text behind them. This approach made it convenient to add comments to any part of the text.

March 2024

Universities in Chile and Colombia actively use anti-plagiarism service and AI generated content detection is expanding its activities in Chile, Colombia and other LatAM countries. More and more universities trust our system and purchase not only plagiarism service, but also AI content detection. Universities are trying to find technical solutions to tackle the misuse of AI tools such as ChatGPT, Bard and so on. Our company offers universities in LatAM countries not only a technical solution, but also procedures preventing misuse of AI tools based on best practices already implemented by EU universities. We consult universities on how to properly analyze student works, what to pay attention to, and how to correctly evaluate works that contain fragments generated by AI. The AI content detection module shall be used as a supportive mechanism for assisting students to make the work better but not for disciplinary purposes.

April 2024

Trainings for partner universities in the Philippines

We are continuing our training series related to our AI content detection tool. Akmaral Kuzhieva, our business development manager, visited our partners - universities in Manila, Philippines, to present them with our new technologies. Ways to bypass the anti-plagiarism system using AI were discussed, as well as how it is necessary to interpret text generated by AI through the prism of independent work.

April 2024

Workshops about AI misuse

Moving forward in academic integrity and conducting more training sessions for the academic staff in AI misuse!

- universities claim popular use of AI tools among the students,

- no regulations are implemented at the institutional level, but frequently actions are taken at the faculty level,

- students actively misuse AI tools in writing essays and diploma papers,

- teachers also misuse AI tools due to the lack of experience and understanding of proper practice,

- no disciplinary actions for AI misuse,

- universities show a big will to implement regulations and carry out training for an academic community,

- universities actively use an AI module of

May 2024

Canvas Framework integration for anti-plagiarism system and AI detection

Expanding the capabilities of our LTI has been one of the priorities for the development of integration technologies.
Continuing on our path and realizing the task, we have introduced new features in LTI. From now on, from June 2024, customers will be able to take advantage of not only the plagiarism check technology in the Canvas Framework, but also check for AI content, as well as Cross-Check, comparing work with each other within Assignments, Guises and Discussions of Canvas. We are happy to create new opportunities and solve current problems for our partners.

May 2024 on MoodleMoot in the Philippines

Our company was invited to a Moodle Moot organized by Nephila in Manila, Philippines. We accepted this invitation, as we are regular participants in Moodle-related events around the world. Our new technologies, including technologies related to AI, were presented to the event participants.

Universities in the Philippines are increasingly talking about situations where it is difficult to determine whether the work was written by a student or ChatGPT. It is difficult to understand whether AI tools are being misused. We decided to share our experience in this direction, since very soon the situation with the use of AI in writing student papers may completely go beyond the control and minimum standards adopted by universities.
Therefore, we placed the main emphasis on the collaboration of student and teacher and the feedback tools available in our system, as well as high-quality AI content search.

We are expanding our integration capabilities with Moodle. For example, we recently launched AI content checking for quizzes, and starting from June, each user will be able to choose to check content for AI or check for plagiarism only. 

June 2024

We are expanding our activities in Holland

Our company won an international tender to provide an anti-plagiarism system for all Estonian universities. The tender was announced by the Ministry of Education and Research of Estonia.

Estonian universities will be able to use the service to check all types of work for plagiarism, as well as for the presence of AI-generated content.

June 2023

Cooperation with SURF (Netherlands)

We are pleased to announce that since June 2024 our company has started a collaboration with SURF - a cooperative association of Dutch educational and research institutions.

Our collaboration involves joint activities in the direction of improving the quality of education and standards of academic integrity. Our company is given the opportunity to check in the database of Dutch universities for the purpose of preventing plagiarism. This check is done in the manner agreed with SURF.

The SURF database of student and research papers is a significant database and stores millions of papers in English, Dutch and other languages.

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