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We are among the global leaders providing with anti-plagiarism detection system to the HEIs and authors. Implemented standards of academic integrity are based on longlasting cooperation with leading universities of EU. 
StrikePlagiarism.com system is a customised tool for the needs of Individuals, HEIs, K-12, Publishing houses etc.  

StrikePlagiarism.com is a regular sponsor of the scientific conferences on the subjects connected to academic integrity. Our team are experts in implementation of sustainable procedures of plagiarism verification and evaluation. We were expertising in development of national and corporate policies in academic integrity. StrikePlagiarism.com system became popular in EU, Latin America, Middle East and Far East.


Strikeplagiarism.com is precise and efficient, yet easy to use. We constantly improve both our software and procedures to deliver the best service possible


We deliver great quality service at good prices for both individual users and corporate partners. To get familiar with the System you can check 500 characters free of charge. Contact us for a quote!


INTUITIVE - download a document in a few easy steps

STRUCTURED - various types of accounts with different levels of confidentiality (Admin, Promoter, Deanery, Student). Generates different reports on the criteria of results of checking, users, etc.

FAST - the results of the analysis for borrowing are available within few minutes  

FLEXIBLE - the system adapts to the needs of the client and integrates with LMS


We cooperate with more than 500 universities, which are united into a network of databases


The system recognizes texts in English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Czech, Slowak, Polish, Romanian, Arabic, Georgian, Bulgarian, Azerbaijani, Ukrainian, Croatian, Turkish, Italian, French, Dutch, Sweden, Lithuanian, Latvian, Vietnamese, Philippines, Malay etc.

Follow three steps to start using the system:

To get corporate, university, school or publishing house accounts or access to the system via LMS or API, please, contact us
Verification of 500 characters is free of charge


Register at the website

register filling the form or use Facebook account


Upload the paper and buy Tokens

the number of required Tokens will be calculated by system


Click on Check and get Similarity Report

Similarity Report is available at the "Documents" console

On-line and off-line sources verification  

Algorithm of StrikePlagiarism.com is searching for borrowings in different sources:
- Global Internet Network (indexing more than 10 bln websites;
- Databases collected within the framework of the Inter-University Database Exchange Program;
- Scientific journals and articles indexed in SCOPUS, EBSCO, SPRINGER, WEB of SCIENCE etc.

How does it work? 

Our System is Saas based, supports popular LMSs, for instance, Moodle, integrated to LDAP catalogue, can be used at the same time by it's interface and LMS systems. System allows to check documents in a parallel use of system's interface and LMS. There is no restriction in a number of accounts can be open. Different types of accounts (Deanery, Student, Coordinator, Pupil etc) with a different privacy level and architecture are precisely designed for academic institutions. StrikePlagiarism.com can be integrated via API (manual) and be easily used by other systems.

Database creation 

We support the creation of an internal comparative database of the University, and also help to import resources from university repositories
All resources and personal data imported or saved at system's DataBase are managed according to GDPR.
System indexes databases of different academic institutions, publishing houses, libraries and generates report where all sources are segregated in different divisions. 

Multipurpose support

-Individual supervisor
-Technical support
-Training for students and staff
-Consulting on the plagiarism verification procedures and methodology of evaluation of students' and scientific papers
Our team of experts conduct series of trainings both on site and online. The trainings are critically important to develop processes and adjust system operation to academic process.

The advantages of algorithm


Multilingual and fraud resistive

Plagiarism detection system StrikePlagiarism.com can recognize more than 200 languages. The algorithm is developed to prevent different types of manipulations with text: ParaphraseSpreads, Microspaces, White Characters, Replacement of Similar Letters from another alphabet. All attempts of manipulations are showed up in the Similarity Report. Algorithm can capture paraphrase in many languages. To know more about document manipulation please click here.


Organizational architecture

The antiplagiarism systems are many different types. Most of them are not designed for academic environment. They are well fit for individual verification. The traits of academic antiplagiarism system is: different types of accounts for different types of users, for example, Student, Coordinator, Admin etc., as well as privacy level. The plagiarism detection system shall enhance academic process and ideally fit in it. 


Choose a package and check many times

The system can check any text document with a size maximum 1 500 000 characters. Recognized formats are DOC, DOCX, PDF, RTF, TXT, ZIP etc. StrikePlagiarism.com team prepared for you an exclusive package. You can choose one of the packages of the checking/document and the most important is that the same document can be checked few times until user manually archives it.


New statistics

New updated algorithm of collecting statistical data shows how many times the same document was checked, the borrowing volume per each department, author, number of used documents (and contract in general). The volume of the borrowings in % based on chosen criteria. Reports can be easily run by Admins of the corporate (university) accounts without contacting StrikePlagiarism team.



All personal data is processed according to GDPR, it means the personal data is encoded and kept at the territory of EU. All the personal data is erased from the database irrevocably and cannot be restored once the contract is expired and in case of individual account by request of the user.


Use Plagiarism detection system even if you don't have LMS 

StrikePlagiarism.com has interface and functionality will no need to have integration to LMS (Moodle, Canvas, Blackboard etc.) if you don't have such and want to save on extra LMS. Our system's interface is designed to replace LMS and make verification process comfortable for any academic and corporative processes.

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