Our integrations - variety and convenience

Various Integration Models

The integration of our anti-plagiarism system and systems used by the client is possible using various methods. The most popular methods are API, LTI 1.3, Plugin, LDap (Active Directory), SSO (Single Sign-on). The integration of the two systems makes it possible to simplify the process of using the anti-plagiarism system, for example, you can upload documents for verification inside the LMS, there is no need to create accounts in our system, but use those that are already in the LMS.


The data that the university sends to us via the LMS is encrypted and anonymized by our system in accordance with the GDPR. We take all necessary steps to protect personal data. As a European company, the protection of personal data is a top priority for us. For more than 20 years of work on the European market, we have become the best among anti-plagiarism systems in terms of personal data protection.


We are ready to implement any other forms of integration convenient for the university! For example, integration with proctoring systems has recently become popular, which allow you to check and compare the results of test exams, compare the results with each other within the same exam, which is very important when the answers may be the same. Integration with the dean's office systems of universities has also become popular, allowing to collect information about the result of checking for plagiarism in the university database.

Integrations build on LTI 1.3 technology:


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Integrations build on Plugin and API  technologies:


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LTI 1.3

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Domestic Search Module

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LDAP catalogue 

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Try our REST API via third party LMS 

To get an API key:


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Test integration

At the moment, our system is integrated with a large number of LMSs and dean's systems as well as Gradebooks.

This integration greatly simplifies both the exchange of data, including metadata and documents. The integration allows you to use accounts created in the LMS without the need to open accounts in our system.

If you want to use our API and integrate StrikePlagiarism.com with your LMS, you need to get a corporate account in our system first.

To create a corporate account, you need to contact us via the contact form. On our website you can register an individual account only, but it will not have corporate functionality and the ability to work through the API, thus registering a corporate account is mandatory.

Once corporate account is created, we will generate an API key.

Click here and get an API instruction with a wide range of communication functionality between our system and the LMS.

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