Multiple sources uses a feature rich algorithm to search for similarities across multiple sources. We put the main emphasis on the search for similarities in various databases. The company has developed a similarity search mechanism in the Internet (open sources), in the client database, between client databases and in the scientific database - RefBooks.

Highlighting content at the source

Internet search takes only a few seconds, our algorithm is able to check hundreds of millions of websites and find similarities even if the text has been translated from another language or its content has been significantly changed. 

Large scientific database

Checking scientific papers for plagiarism requires analysis in scientific databases, so we have created a special scientific repository called RefBooks. The repository is constantly updated with new documents and currently has more than 200 million texts. This repository includes scientific dissertations, monographs, publications, textbooks in more than 100 languages ​​from leading scientific journals that publish their articles in Scopus and Web of Science, which makes our system unique in terms of scientific content and similarity search efficiency.

Safely store your database

At the same time, we offer our partners to take advantage of the opportunity to check within their own database (if it was imported to the client's account), and between partner databases without the ability to access the content of the text and reflect personal data. All documents that are uploaded to the database are administered by us strictly in accordance with the GDPR, encrypted and stored in the EU (Germany, France). The databases of clients available for comparative analysis include student papers, abstracts, publications, term papers and other types of documents.

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