BrightSpace and

BrightSpace is a worldwide popular and recognized LMS created by D2L. as a partner of D2L created a unique and simple model of integration based on communication between Assignment native Module and 

How to integrate your BrightSpace and

To get the integration you need to follow a few simple steps:

Follow the website and register your LTI here,

Once LTI is registered, we receive notification and approve it,

We create for you a corporate client account in and initiate integration!

Advantages of integration with BrightSpace

  • BrightSpace has a wide range of features allowing integration with third party systems like The integration is based on LTI 1.3. LTI allows checking any types of academic and non-academic papers through the Assignments module.
  • LTI let the client checking any types of academic and non-academic papers through the Assignments module.
  • The instructor creating assignment can set antiplagiarism verification for all submissions uploaded to the assignment. The instructor can also manage whether the Similarity Report is visible for the students.
  • What is important that documents can be added to the database after a period of time fixed by the Admin or once instructor chooses "Accepted" at the Feedback button. In this was we simplify a process of resubmissions and made it more intuitive.
  • Students can see not only score of the similarity in percentage but also have access to the Similarity Report if instructor turned it on during creating an assignment.
  • The Similarity Report of antiplagiarism system is interactive, instructor can add comments, exclude text passages from the similarity coefficient etc. Instructor has an access to the Feedback button that allows him to choose whether the document is accepted, disqualified or returned for correction. Optionally, Administrator can turn off availability of the Feedback button.

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