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May 2023 to launch AI generated text search tool

We often hear about incidents with academic integrity related to Chat GPT, how students often use Chat GPT and other AI tools to write essays, term papers, and other types of academic papers. Our company decided to offer a solution that could help create a certain infrastructure to prevent the deliberate violation of the principles of academic integrity. launches AI-generated text search module (machine learning). Our module allows you to reflect fragments of reports that may indicate the authorship or co-authorship of the text with AI. The module can be used for all types of documents.

May 2023 is starting in Denmark

StrikePlagiarism is extending its activities in Denmark being chosen as a service provider by SDK. There are more universities interested in technologies of got integrated to the biggest and the leading Danish LMS.

March 2023 launches few more integrations launches integrations with Blackboard, Schoology, LMS KEYPS (Turkey), Microsoft. Integrations with Blackboard and Schoology is based on LTI 1.3. Those integrations opens new opportunities and simplifies communication between antiplagiarism system and LMS systems. Users created at those LMS systems can submit documents for antiplagiarism verification at the user accounts. 

March 2023 becomes popular in LATAM

Our local team in Columbia organizes training for academic staff to teach how to use the antiplagiarism system and evaluate papers for plagiarism. Widely use of Feedback system that allows teacher to leave comments and contribute student in development of analytical skills increased demand in trainings and consulting of educators. Teachers are frequently asking questions how to evaluate thesis, what threshold values we need to use, how to identify self-plagiarism etc. All those questions are critically important to create just, effective and trusting relationship at the academic process. We conduct both instructor-led training with hands-on workshops as well as webinars.

March 2023

Conference on plagiarism organized by Ministry of Education and Science of Bulgaria and team 

Almost all academic institutions took part in a conference sharing their worries and experience in the prevention of academic plagiarism. The hottest subjects, for sure, were disciplinary procedures and ChatGPT as well as its negative impact.

The Deputy Minister of MoES of Bulgaria Mrs. Chavdarova shared the importance to implement procedures and a code of ethics at the universities, as it seems like some universities still face a lack of experience and doesn't know what disciplinary actions shall be taken in case of plagiarism occurs in the diploma or PhD thesis. Bulgarian law doesn't specify disciplinary actions and doesn't impose sanctions for plagiarism in such cases, however, it still doesn't mean that universities are having their hands tied to use international practices. There is a general understanding of using the system as a control tool. Apparently, most of them don't look at the problem from the wider perspective of the development of student's skills, using antiplagiarism system to show them mistakes and prevent the development of a copy-paste skill.

An important subject was ChatGPT as it seems like a terra incognita for an academic world, hard to react adequately to the tool which is constantly developing and extending its abilities. However, the devil is not as frightening as you make him out to be. ChatGPT is a tool just like google search, open-source databases, translation tools - can be used for good and for bad. ChatGPT soon will not be only an advanced search tool but, honestly, it's still a great research tool. In Russia, students are defending diploma theses written by ChatGPT, because nobody reads them while the skills and knowledge gained at those universities are not welcome in the labor market. Universities in Bulgaria shall develop recommendations for the accurate use of the ChatGPT just like it is done by many universities around the globe, for example, Kozminski university. Let's not forget that text written by ChatGPT has no copyright according to the management of the company, so you cannot credit text to the ChaGPT.

The good news is that according to the Deputy Minister of Higher Education, Albena Chavdarova - the Academic Ethics Committee of the Ministry of Education and Science is currently examining about 20 cases of plagiarism!

A great example of sustainable procedures implemented at the university to prevent academic plagiarism both among teachers and students was shared by Mrs. Lyubka Aleksieva (Sofia University), Mrs. Irena Vasilyeva (New Bulgarian University), and Mrs. Vanya Grashkina from the National Center of Information and Documentation (PhD repository).

Special thanks for organizing this conference to the Minister of Education and Science of Bulgaria Mr. Sasha Penov, Deputy Minister Mrs. Chandarova and Mrs. Boicheva as well as Rector of Sofia University of Mining and Geology Prof. Luben Totev and His Excellency the Ambassador of Poland in Bulgaria Mr. Szymanski and ALL team from Warsaw, Romania and Bulgaria.

February 2023

20 years of and!

In September our company celebrates 20th anniversary! The first 10 years of the existence of our company were a very difficult period, when the concept of plagiarism was not taken seriously in the world. It has taken our team many years, effort and hard work to change the attitude towards academic plagiarism, to help universities implement new procedures and processes to prevent plagiarism in student papers. After 20 years of hard work, we see that our efforts was not in vain. During this time, several generations of young people with zero tolerance for plagiarism have been raised. We are very grateful to everyone who believes in the idea of combat against plagiarism and in the concept of academic integrity!

January 2023

More training for educators on plagiarism and its prevention

At StrikePlagiarism we are welcoming the new year energized and excited as our team is back on the road and ready to continue doing trainings for academic staff around our country partners. This year we are planning to include even more features to our system, involve ourselves in important events and discuss topics surrounding plagiarism and writing skills in academia.

December 2022 establishes representatives in 6 new countries in LATAM and the Philippines 

LATAM and the Philippines universities are extending cooperation with EU based representatives in the regions became close to the educators. More than 2 million students in this region will get access to in 2022-2023. We are happy to enhance academic relationship and promote best practices between Europe and LATAM as well as the Philippines.

November 2022 opens office in Bulgaria opened its office in Bulgaria. From now on, has become even closer to Bulgarian customers by providing technical support from Sofia in Bulgarian. One of the main goals of the company is to customize the system for the needs and academic environment of a market where we operate.

October 2022

National license in Bulgaria

The system was selected based on an international tender held at the end of 2021 by the Ministry of Education and Science of Bulgaria as the best anti-plagiarism system. The contract is signed for three years and provides all universities in Bulgaria with free access to checking student and scientific papers for plagiarism in an unlimited number, as well as support for integration with LMS. Our company is also responsible for implementation of sustainable antiplagiarism procedures and conducting the training sessions for the educators in evaluation methodology.

September 2022

New LMS integrations

From now on, our system is also integrated with LMS Canvas and Brightspace via LTI 1.3. is available at the Assignment mode at the Canvas and Brightspace. Educational institutions can access both the systems with our LTI form following the link

August 2022 launches a module of search of translated plagiarism has included a new feature - translation plagiarism search, which allows you to translate texts of any size into more than 100 languages and find similarities in translation both on the Internet and within our database.

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