Moodle and

Moodle is the most popular LMS platform in the world. It has many advantages and the main one is a cost of it. A lot of corporate and academic institutions installed Moodle on their servers and manage them trying to extend its capabilities via integrating with other external systems. was one of the first antiplagiarism systems that got successful integration with a Moodle. By now more than 100 universities successfully are using our Moodle plugin. Our Moodle plugin allows to check Assignments and Quizes.

Moodle plugin - first steps

To get integrated your Moodle and you need to follow few simple steps:


Contact us to get API key, which will be sent to your email address


If connection is successful start using


Follow the website of Moodle to download plugin of the version you need. Click here to visit


If connection is not successful, contact us to get assistance


Install plugin and add API key then test connection

Admin's manual explaining how to install and plugin 

Instructor's manual explaining how to create Assignments and manage Strike-plugin 

Student's manual explaining how to upload documents

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