Ldap catalogue

The Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) is a software protocol, which is vendor-neutral, is used to search for devices or information on a network. LDAP is the solution, whether you want to create a centralized authentication server for your business or want to make it easier for users to access internal servers and printers.

If you don't have LMS system or your LMS system doesn't have developed Assignment Module but you still don't want to create plenty of user accounts in our system then you need an integration between StrikePlagiarism.com and your LDAP catalogue.

Advantages of integration via LDAP

There are different levels of integration. Some, light ones can allows your users to enter our system with their corporate logins and passwords. Once your user enters the data, it's verified and cross-checked with a data stored in your LDAP catalogue. If LDAP confirms accuracy of the login and password our system allows them to enter to the user account in StrikePlagiarism.com 

Data protection, SSL encryption

All data including login and passwords are highly secured and protected. We don't store this data during enter of the user to StrikePlagiarism.com. All data is stored at the Client's server.

Simple integration

The integration process is quite simple and doesn't require essential efforts, if your Ldap catalogue is well organized the integration might take a few days.

Seamless integration

The integration between LDAP and StrikePlagiarism.com is based on a seamless approach. It means that user entering its login and password data to our system will enter to the user account immediately. 

Why universities are choosing Ldap integration?

There are many reasons why universities prefer LDAP (Active Directory) integration. Apart of those mentioned above universities sometimes prefer to use Modules of StrikePlagiarism.com due to their convenience and effectivity. DDAP integration can give few advantages:

  • If user credentials are not available at the LDAP catalogue then our system will not let log into user account, 
  • Users can use the same password and login for many other systems,
  • StrikePlagiarism.com can create user accounts if they have not yet been created by Admin. Accounts can be created automatically once LDAP of the client confirms authenticity of the user. 
  • StrikePlagiarism.com can create users of different roles referencing to the LDAP catalogue roles and distribute them to the different organizational units in StrikePlagiarism.com to ease their management in future.

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