API integration

Our API is a very simple in use and allows to integrate with any LMS or a deanery system


Comprehensive infrastructure 

API allows you to send documents via API and get a link to the Interactive Similarity Report 

Compatibility with any LMS

Reflects Report status at LMS

Add/Delete documents in LMS

Manage users

Apart of it, API let you manage accounts, delete users, add documents to the database, send the status of the document or decision made by a supervisor and many more.

StrikePlagiarism.com is integrated with dozens of LMSs. In some cases, we supervised a process of the integration where our recommendations have been successfully applied. We will be happy to share our experience and good practices. 

Why API?

Check how our API and its infrastructure can help to manage successfully your academic or corporate processes
Contact us to obtain and API key

You have an LMS and want to integrate with StrikePlagiarism.com, then API could be a great solution.

You don't want to create user accounts in our system but use those created in LMS. 

You want to synchronize academic process and make it seamless for the educators and the students.

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