Our services and prices

We offer three options:

the agreements can be signed in USD, EUR and other currencies.


USD 0.50 - 3

the final price is estimated based on a number of accounts, the term of the contract, as well as access to scientific library and feedback system. This option benefits universities, K-12, colleges and other education institutions, especially those checking assignments. 


USD 1- 6

the final price is estimated based on the size of the document, the term of the contract, as well as access to scientific library and feedback system. This option benefits universities, K-12, colleges, other education institutions as well as publishing houses, companies, research institutions etc., especially those checking large scientific documents.


USD 0,04-0,10

the final price is estimated based on the number of acquiring characters, the term of the contract, as well as access to scientific library and feedback system. This option is of benefit to organizations that check documents of different sizes.


INTUITIVE - download a document in a few easy steps

STRUCTURED - various types of accounts with different levels of confidentiality (Admin, Promoter, Deanery, Student). Generates different reports on the criteria of results of checking, users, etc.

FAST - the results of the analysis for borrowing are available within few minutes  

FLEXIBLE - the system adapts to the needs of the client and integrates with LMS


We cooperate with more than 700 universities, which are united into a network of databases


The system recognizes texts in English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Czech, Slowak, Polish, Romanian, Arabic, Georgian, Bulgarian, Azerbaijani, Ukrainian, Croatian, Turkish, Italian, French, Dutch, Sweden, Lithuanian, Latvian, Vietnamese, Philippines, Malay etc.

Why StrikePlagiarism?

Search in the Internet open sources

Our system searches for similarities among millions of documents posted in open sources. The system recognizes more than 200 languages and has access to resources indexed by Google, Yandex, Bing and other global search portals. 

Search in the Databases of universities and publishing houses

The database available to StrikePlagiarism.com includes works collected in a collection of scientific and student papers since 2002. StrikePlagiarism.com has an extensive database of works written in many languages, including English, German, Spanish, French, Polish, Ukrainian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Russian, Turkish and so on. The internal database and personal data are protected in accordance with the GDPR, the server of our company is located in the EU.

Search in the RefBooks database

The RefBooks is Plagiat.pl's scientific database containing millions of dissertations, publications, student papers, scientific journals and other types of works in over 30 languages, including English, French, Portuguese, German, Spanish, Turkish, Arabic, Russian, Ukrainian, Kazakh and etc. This database includes documents published also in Scopus, Web of Science, Springer, EBSCO etc. This database is used by universities, publishers and other institutions for plagiarism analysis.

Prioritize your checking

Priority mode was created for those who wants to get result of an analysis asap. The option significantly reduces analysis time. System allows to fasten process of verification pushing up your document be checked first in a queue.

Check  paraphrasing

System recognizes manipulations with text fragments in the form of:
- changing the order of words,
- adding or removing words,
- replacing words with synonyms,
- being translated,

As a result, the system will underline the “changed” fragments and highlight these fragments.
This function serves the purpose of clarifying whether a fragment was accurately paraphrased, or even if there was an attempt to bypass the system and intentionally hide the copied fragment.