Other Services

:: For individual users


The StrikePlagiarism.com system is available not only for institutions, but also for individual customers. Individual Users’ accounts

enable checking the text for borrowings from texts available in the open Internet resources.

The cost of checking a document depends on its volume. To check a text of 20’000 characters you need to buy one Token. The price of one token is 2,09 EUR incl. VAT or 2,35 USD incl. VAT. You can chose from several options of payment, depending on the country:

  • SMS
  • Internet transfer
  • PayPal(EU)
  • Easypay(UA)
  • Millikart(AZ)
  • Kassa24(KZ)

Tokens are valid for 6 months from the moment of purchase.

(*) Caution: In exceptional circumstances (particularly during examination sessions) this time may be extended.
24h verification is therefore an estimated time of service delivery.

:: For publishers

Antipiracy Monitoring BookWatch

Antipiracy Monitoring is a service dedicated to publishing houses, website owners and media distributors. A thorough search of the Internet is conveyed with a use of a special software to find unathourized files containing works of authors and to eliminate access to those file by deleting the link to it. It pays special attention to popular stocking, sharing and exchanging files portals. The search omits legal copies.

The software searches for files in all formats used to circulate in the Internet: texts, music, multimedias and archives. As a result of the monitoring a list of urls leading to unauthorized copies is created.

The localisation of the found files can be documented. On client’s request a notice is sent to administrators or owners of the websites with a request to remove the download option of the file and the effectiveness of those requests are checked. BookWatch can also report the found links to be removed from search results of the most popular web search engines.