Antiplagiarism System

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Our Internet Antiplagiarism System is dedicated for checking the originality of texts submitted by PhD. candidates, students before their Bachelor and Master’s degree examination and High School pupils. A variety of other institutions benefits from our tool, i.a. Publishing Houses, aiming to protect the copyrights.

:: How does it work?


Internet Antiplagiarism System




The Internet Antiplagiarism System is a tool automatically verifying the originality of a text. The system’s interface is simple and user friendly. The documents – f.ex. students’ papers, diploma theses – can be uploaded in many popular formats (DOC, ODT, TXT, PDF). Text is compared with resources on the Internet and in the system’s database.

Our service can be:

  • simply accessed via the website (SaaS delivery model).
  • OR
  • easily integrated with an existing LMS used by the university and therefore accessed through it

Similarity Report




When the antiplagiarism scanning of a document is complete, a Similarity Report is available. Its intelligible form allows quick assessment of the originality of submitted text.

Crucial elements of the Similarity Report are:

  • Two Similarity Coefficients which indicate the percentage of the analyzed document identical to the identified sources
  • A list of sources of the fragments marked as copied
  • The full text of the analyzed document with visible marking of the detected borrowings
  • Alert informing about text distortions, such as alphabet switch, suggesting a cheating attempt

Complex Solution
 offers a complex solution. Aiming at effective plagiarism prevention at Higher Educational Institutions, we offer not only the software along with initial user training and constant support via e-mail and telephone, but also support measures to successfully implement the Antiplagiarism System and to engage the university’s community in actions to prevent plagiarism. These include:
  • Workshops about plagiarism prevention
  • Development of model documents establishing the antiplagiarism procedure
  • Examining the current diploma awarding procedure and presenting the university with recommendiations for incorporating the antiplagiarism procedure in it
  • Annual audit of procedures and their effectiveness

:: Why choose us?

Over 200 clients worldwide chose our service. Join them and benefit from our efficient and reliable tool to assess originality of papers.


Benefits of the System:
  • Can be easily integrated with Learning Management Systems and is connected to Moodle
  • Detailed Similarity Report with list of sources of borrowings
  • Safety of the data
  • Alert function to mark attempts of distorting of the antiplagiarism analysis
  • Scanning the resources of the world Internet and institution’s database
  • Detection of similarities with advanced algorythms based on N-gram analysis
  • Advanced language analysis, including normalization and flexion analyzing
  • Constant development of the searching algorithm
  • Multilanguage analysis is proud to offer solutions tailored to the client’s needs.

License of the System is intended for institutions that are interested in submitting considerable amounts of texts for checking, in particular for academic institutions. The System has been designed so that it can be easily adapted to the structure of a particular university.

A license is typically given for no less than 12 months. It allows flexible conditions concerning the size of documents to be checked. More importantly, the client is given the possibility to add documents to the University Database and to join the Inter-Universities Database Exchange Programme. This enables protecting the previously verified works from being copied in the future. Each analyzed paper is compared with those previously submitted, stored in the database. The System detects fragments, which are identical.

Detailed terms and conditions of license-based cooperation will be stipulated in an agreement tailored to the client’s needs. Higher Education Institutions may be offered more attractive financial conditions than other entities. If you are interested in this kind of cooperation, please contact us at: