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:: Mission

Our aim is to prevent copyright infringements and the unauthorised use of another’s ligtbulb1intellectual property. We are creating an Antiplagiarism Network that extends worldwide,aiming to protect the work of researchers and students in the countries we are active in. We cooperate with universities, government bodies and publishing houses. We also support private individuals hoping to prevent their intellectual property from plagiarism.

:: History

Plagiat.pl (of which StrikePlagiarism.com is the international brand name) was established in June 2002. The company aimed to support academic teachers, struggling with the plague of plagiarism at universities. In response to the common problem of using the “copy- paste” method by students in their theses and dissertations an Internet Antiplagiarism System Plagiat.pl is created. In the first year of its existence it was widely accessible for free. The popularity of the System among academic staff and teachers showed the importance of this type of enterprise in academic spheres and the need for its further development.

history Responding to the needs of educators, publishers and media distributors, the company developed a range of products, consisting of both software and consulting.

The company participates in nationwide projects and cooperates with local authorities. In 2012, as the effect of the European Union funded project, Academic System for Archiving Papers was offered to Polish universities. In 2014-2015 Plagiat.pl participated in development of the national PhD dissertations repository in Romania.

As of 2017, Plagiat.pl provides a wide spectrum of services and cooperates not only with universities, but also with high schools, publishing houses, website owners and individual clients. It is the leader of the markets of Poland and Romania, and, with the StrikePlagiarism.com brand, is active in Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Moldova, Germany and Colombia.

In many countries, the company engages with the academic community in discussion about the modern day challenges for Higher Education Institutions and the role of plagiarism prevention in protecting the quality of education. Each year the company holds conferences in Warsaw, and participates in many events abroad. We’re looking forward to meeting you at our next event!

:: List of Clients and Partners

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:: News

Representatives of "Plagiat.pl" on the 7th international scientific conference LIBRARY INFORMATION SPACE

R18556352_1606786299394615_5289495741636359153_n(1) Representatives of “Plagiat.pl” took part in the Seventh International Scientific Conference information space of the library, which was held on the 18-19th of May at the Scientific and Technical Library of National University “Lviv Polytechnic”. During the conference the following topics were discussed : information resources, technologies and WEB-services, formation of information culture and competencies user functionality and image of the library in the local and regional environment. As a part of the conference a round table “The ways of realization project promoting academic integrity in Ukraine (SAIUP)» was organized. The conference was attended by over 70 library professionals …

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Round table "Preventing and combating plagiarism at universities" May 16, 2017 Kyiv National Economic University.

The event was supported by the Ukrainian institute of scientific and technical expertise and information – UkrISTEI, Research Institute of Intellectual Property National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, the Council of young scientists at the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the Center for Forensic Expertise on Intellectual Property, Ministry of Justice of Ukraine and the company “Plagiat.pl”. Participation accepted more than 90 participants from 34 universities in Ukraine. The main idea of this event was to exchange experiences between existing partner universities of “Plagiarism” in Ukraine. The key speakers at the meeting were: CEO Plagiat.pl Nagrodzki K., Regional …

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3d International Conference Plagiarism across Europe and Beyond

Strikeplagiarism.com was honored to become a sponsor of the The Third International Conference Plagiarism across Europe and Beyond . One of the most prominent event in the academic world took place in Brno in the Czech Republic on May 24-26 . The focus of this year’s edition was “Sharing innovative practices in academic integrity”.
The international conference Plagiarism across Europe and Beyond aims to be a forum for sharing best practices and experiences by addressing challenges of academic integrity.
There were several invited keynote speakers, as well as presentations of researchers from all around the world. Plagiat.pl was represented by …

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:: Recommendations

Dr J. P. Nowacki,
Rector Polish- Japanese Academy of Information Technology

I can recommend the use of Internet Antiplagiarism System as a tool to support teaching staff, especially promoters, in work related to the assessment of student theses independence.

Prof. Assoc. A. Karmanska
Vice-Rector of Warsaw School of Economics

With a conviction of the validity of using this type of preventive tools and with the long-term and satisfactory cooperation with Plagiat.pl in mind, I recommend the software identifying the signs of a non-original paper to all universities, for which scientific honesty and reliability is paramount.

Prof. Assoc. T. Gardocka, School of Social Sciences

Plagiat.pl not only provides technological solutions to help identify fraudulent behavior, but also the necessary knowledge about the procedures as a condition for the proper functioning of the plagiarism preventing dam.

Prof. W. Dyduch, Vice-Rector, University of Economics in Katowice

Since it has been introduced in antiplagiarism procedure functioning at the University, the System has worked without any malfunctions and the quality of students’s theses has improved significantly.

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