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:: Mission

Our aim is to prevent copyright infringements and the unauthorised use of another’s ligtbulb1intellectual property. We are creating an Antiplagiarism Network that extends worldwide,aiming to protect the work of researchers and students in the countries we are active in. We cooperate with universities, government bodies and publishing houses. We also support private individuals hoping to prevent their intellectual property from plagiarism.

:: History

Plagiat.pl (of which StrikePlagiarism.com is the international brand name) was established in June 2002. The company aimed to support academic teachers, struggling with the plague of plagiarism at universities. In response to the common problem of using the “copy- paste” method by students in their theses and dissertations an Internet Antiplagiarism System Plagiat.pl is created. In the first year of its existence it was widely accessible for free. The popularity of the System among academic staff and teachers showed the importance of this type of enterprise in academic spheres and the need for its further development.

In May 2005 Dr Sebastian Kawczyński, the spiritus movens of the undertaking, who has been responsible for the development of the System since 2003, was nominated President of the Board. historyThanks to his commitment the System has gained national status and the problem of plagiarism has been put on agenda in academic circles. Responding to the needs of educators, publishers and media distributors, the company developed a range of products, consisting of both software and consulting.

The company participates in nationwide projects and cooperates with local authorities. In 2012, as the effect of the European Union funded project, Academic System for Archiving Papers was offered to Polish universities. In 2014-2015 Plagiat.pl participated in development of the national PhD dissertations repository in Romania.

As of 2016, Plagiat.pl provides a wide spectrum of services and cooperates not only with universities, but also with high schools, publishing houses, website owners and individual clients. It is the leader of the markets of Poland and Romania, and, with the StrikePlagiarism.com brand, is active in Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Moldova, Germany and Colombia.

In many countries, the company engages with the academic community in discussion about the modern day challenges for Higher Education Institutions and the role of plagiarism prevention in protecting the quality of education. Each year the company holds conferences in Warsaw, and participates in many events abroad. We’re looking forward to meeting you at our next event!

:: List of Clients and Partners

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:: News


DSC_0003stronaAs part of the License Agreement dated 04.06.2016, our company Plagiat.pl conducted a training on the use of the anti-plagiarism system StrikePlagiarism.com on 22.11.2016. The meeting was organized by the Center for Information Technologies in the assembly hall of the university. Seminars were held in three streams during the day and evening. They were attended by graduate students of the faculties of Economics, Applied Sciences, as well as undergraduates, deans, heads of departments, university faculty and pro-rector for AD. The director of the CIT Muratbekov Madi moderated the seminars.

Leading specialist of Plagiat.pl Makenov Dulat presented the history of the …

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Since February antiplagiarism system www.strikeplagiarism.com has become more available for our users in Kazakhstan. Now one can purchase Tokens and Codes in order to check works via Kassa24 payment system www.kassa24.kz. This operation is carried out in cash via self-service terminals . One of the important advantages of Kassa24 system is the ability to pay, regardless of weekends and lunch breaks or at an inopportune time.…

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The meeting with the rector of Azerbaijan State University of Oil and Industry

meeting_asoiu On the 5th of December 2016 was held an official visit between the regional director of Plagiat.pl Mr. Ali Tahmazov and director of “Plagiarism” in Ukraine Mr. Oleksandr Stryamets and rector of Azerbaijan State University of Oil and Industry Mr. Mustafa Babanly in Baku.
Rector of Azerbaijan State University of Oil and Industry Professor Mustafa Babanly spoke about the work that was done at the University in anti plagiarism area and shared methods to combat academic plagiarism. Rector remarked that during the cooperation with the company has achieved significant results.
Mr. Ali Tahmazov stressed the importance of cooperation with the …

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:: Recommendations

Dr J. P. Nowacki,
Rector Polish- Japanese Academy of Information Technology

I can recommend the use of Internet Antiplagiarism System as a tool to support teaching staff, especially promoters, in work related to the assessment of student theses independence.


Prof. Assoc. A. Karmanska
Vice-Rector of Warsaw School of Economics

With a conviction of the validity of using this type of preventive tools and with the long-term and satisfactory cooperation with Plagiat.pl in mind, I recommend the software identifying the signs of a non-original paper to all universities, for which scientific honesty and reliability is paramount.


Prof. Assoc. T. Gardocka, School of Social Sciences

Plagiat.pl not only provides technological solutions to help identify fraudulent behavior, but also the necessary knowledge about the procedures as a condition for the proper functioning of the plagiarism preventing dam.


Prof. W. Dyduch, Vice-Rector, University of Economics in Katowice

Since it has been introduced in antiplagiarism procedure functioning at the University, the System has worked without any malfunctions and the quality of students’s theses has improved significantly.


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