DSC_0003stronaAs part of the License Agreement dated 04.06.2016, our company conducted a training on the use of the anti-plagiarism system on 22.11.2016. The meeting was organized by the Center for Information Technologies in the assembly hall of the university. Seminars were held in three streams during the day and evening. They were attended by graduate students of the faculties of Economics, Applied Sciences, as well as undergraduates, deans, heads of departments, university faculty and pro-rector for AD. The director of the CIT Muratbekov Madi moderated the seminars.

Leading specialist of Makenov Dulat presented the history of the company, the geography of its presence on the market. Participants of the training learned about  the algorithm of the system, detailed information about the similarity coefficients and their interpretation. In the course of the seminar there was a stormy discussion, our specialist Makenov Dulat gave quite exhaustive answers to numerous questions.

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